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Ideas and solutions to help your brand be the best it can be. Your brand is not your logo (though it is an important part and we design those too!). A good brand connects with people, moves and engages them. We utilise our expertise to create brands that do exactly that.

We help you connect with your target audience – not only establishing a great first impression but creating a lasting, memorable one.

That lasting memory is the essence of what makes your brand. It’s the experience and perception of who you are. We use our design expertise to capture those moments and transform them into an expression of your values through brand identity; a combination of your logo, typography, photography and graphics, and well-considered copywriting and tone of voice.

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What's in a name?

A strong brand name is a vital tool in your armoury. Many (particularly smaller-sized) businesses will launch with little consideration of their name or at least consideration of the wrong aspects. In today's global marketplace, your name needs to be strong and memorable but it also needs to work across languages and communities. What might work in an area of the UK won't always work elsewhere. More importantly, not all names can be truly owned and protected.

There are countless instances where brands have had to make significant investments after failing to look to the future (remember Jif?). That's why when choosing a name, it's important to look beyond the now and to where you might be tomorrow. Our brand naming service helps you to begin creating a truly memorable, flexible and own-able brand that can become a familiar part of your audience's lives.

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