Design Offer

Save 20% on all your digital design needs when you block-book time

Your own design team without the commitment or cost.

Make keeping your website, digital marketing and social media up-to-date easier with block-booked design time from our creative team. Whether you need a new banner for your site to promote a new offer, refresh your Google ads, or you need regular graphics to keep your social media profiles looking great, we can help!

Save 20% on our standard rate (£42.00 £33.60 per hour) when you block-book design time. A minimum of 4 days per month is required for 3 months, paid in-full at the start of your agreement.

From £4032 £3225.60

Design for print, copywriting, photography, branding & identity, web design or development is not included.

Ready? Get started…

This will be our primary point of contact and invoices will be sent to this address.

Note: Your plan will not start immediately. Our team will be in-touch with info on how to brief us. Your plan will begin upon payment of your first invoice.

The Small Print

  1. Provided amends are within the original scope. Amends are small changes to existing designs, not additional designs.
  2. Applies to assets created by us or stock or fonts licensed out-right. Some assets such as fonts may require additional or extended licenses, or on-going subscriptions.
  3. Unused hours each month, up to a maximum of 8 hours, may roll-over to the next for the duration of the contract.
  4. Unused hours cannot be refunded.
  5. Any premium/licensed plugins without an existing licence which require updates are charged separately and in addition.
  6. Bug/error fixing includes missing images, broken links, broken templates, broken contact forms or key navigation elements.
  7. Website content updates include adding new content provided to us, making changes to existing content as specified by you or the client, making changes to navigation items and minor visual tweaks.
  8. Unlimited tasks up to 30 minutes each. If a task will take longer than 30 minutes to complete, additional time is charged at the discounted hourly rate of £35. We’ll always let you know beforehand and never carry out additional work without your approval first.
  9. Response times are within business days only. If you need out-of-hours support (if you sell online, for instance), you might want to look at a bespoke package. Just ask us!
  10. Up-front payments cannot be refunded.
  11. Unused up-front hours or payments cannot be for alternative services.

See our Terms & Conditions for full details.