Terms & Conditions

Technical Support & Maintenance

  1. Unused support and ‘ad-hoc’ time is not rolled over to the following month.
  2. Plugin updates are subject to availability.
  3. Commercial plugins are not included in any package. If a plugin update requires a licence, you will be billed separately. We will let you know beforehand and get your agreement.
  4. Bug and Error Fixing includes: replacing missing images (must be supplied by you) or re-linking to an image where necessary, correcting broken links, fixing broken code within templates, fixing issues with form sending, and fixing anything that causes significant issues to an end user trying to use your website such as broken navigation.
  5. Ad-hoc Time refers to time which can be used for any odd-jobs you require on your site. These can include: adding new content, creating new pages, making changes to your menu/navigation, minor visual changes (CSS or image updates), installation of plugins, and the creation of page templates.
  6. Unlimited Tasks – Packages with “Unlimited Tasks” can request an unlimited amount of support. Each task however is limited to 30 minutes to complete. If a task takes longer than 30 minutes, you will be charged separately by the hour. You will be informed beforehand.
  7. Response times are within business days only unless you have a bespoke agreement for faster response times.
  8. Support time is between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. It does not cover evenings, weekends, bank holidays, closure over the Christmas period or other office closure dates. Dates will be advertised.
  9. Plans will not begin until an invoice has been paid.
  10. You are required to supply us with an account in your CMS with full administrator privileges.
  11. You are required to provide us with full SFTP or SSH access to your website’s server with read and write permissions.
  12. You are required to provide us with full access to your website’s database.
  13. Where a support task requests the addition or change of content, whether text, images, videos or other audio-visual content, you are required to provide us with it.

Web Graphics Package

  1. The graphics package offer is limited to the following graphics:
    1. 2x Banner images (“Homepage Banners”), size specified by you, for use on your website.
    2. 2x Square graphics (1080x1080px) (“Square Social Graphics”)
    3. 2x Rectangular graphics (1200×628) (“‘Rectangle Social Graphics”)
    4. One set of graphics in 15 sizes (“Ad Set) as specified below:
      1. 120×600 – Skyscraper
      2. 160×600 – Wide Skyscraper
      3. 180×150 – Rectangle
      4. 200×200 – Small Square
      5. 240×400 – Vertical Rectangle
      6. 250×250 – Square
      7. 300×250 – Medium Rectangle
      8. 300×600 – Half Page Banner
      9. 320×50 – Mobile Leaderboard
      10. 468×60 – Full Banner
      11. 720×300 – Pop-Under
      12. 728×90 – Leaderboard
      13. 970×90 – Large Leaderboard
      14. 970×250 – Billboard
      15. 1200×1200 – Facebook Post
  2. The images included in Homepage Banners, Square Social Graphics and Rectangle Social Graphics are permitted one set of amendments each.
  3. The Ad Set is permitted one set of amendments per set.
  4. Any unused time or un-briefed graphics expires 30 days after payment of your invoice. They cannot rollover to the following month.
  5. Unless agreed during briefing, you are required to supply us with any text, photography or illustrations for use in your graphics.
  6. We cannot be held responsible for delays if we are not supplied with relevant assets within a reasonable amount of time.
  7. You are required to provide us with a brief and any assets at least 7 days before you need them. If we are not given 7 days lead-time or provided with relevant assets, we cannot be responsible for the missing of deadlines. We also cannot be responsible if your work is not completed before the end of your agreement.
  8. Unused time or assets are non-refundable.